Third eye Thoughts

By Abdulnovic divic

Woman,the better idea,a special gift created to be a companion and helper to a man.With Imperfections features that she has,made her to be vulnerable and insecure.Thus became a duty and fundamental responsibility given to a man to provide maximum support, endless protection,carring and above all to provide unconditional love.Nature automatically connect’s right woman to a conscious, patience and humble man.

Sadly, hypocrisy that 21st century generation is facing made the so called ‘modern man’,ignorant and forgetful to important responsibility a sign to him.Therefore man come to learn the art of loving in a hardway of constant regretting ,indeed nature is wonderful it gives one test then lessons follows after.

The urge of satisfying one’s sexual desire among unmarried generation bring about a toxic relationship,heartbreaking and soon after disparation became there common disease which gives them hard times to settle.While married couples committing adultery is no big deal anymore which promotes unnecessary divorcing.

No wonder there is no more peace and happiness in the universe anymore,just because weak and fragile species is being discriminated and developed cleverly way of running from responsibility that he failed to master.

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